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CC4 Solutions unveils
its exceptional journey!

January 10, 2024

Emerging player in the digital transformation field, CC4 Solutions speaks out for the first time with an unprecedented statement proudly unveiling its journey marked by sustained growth, positive impact, and successful collaborations.

Founded in 2019, CC4 Solutions has distinguished itself through its commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. While thecompany had never issued an official statement before, it now wishes to share its accumulated successes and positive impacts within the community.

During this period, CC4 Solutions has celebrated a multitude of noteworthy achievements and accomplishments, including:

- The establishment of the "Transformation au Féminin" Competition, an initiative that not only supported the entrepreneurial success of black women in business but also awarded over $30,000 in service fees.

- Surpassing a revenue milestone beyond the $275,000 mark, reflecting exceptional financial growth.

- Building strategic partnerships in Edmonton, Dakar, and Morocco, thereby strengthening CC4 Solutions global presence and influence.

- Receiving numerous prestigious awards, including recognition from the "Femme qui Fonce" organization and the Haitian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

- Being nominated as a finalist in the Female Entrepreneur category at the Afro-Entrepreneurs Recognition Gala.

Carla Casséus, founder and president of CC4 Solutions, shares her ambitious vision:
"We take pride in the accomplishments we've achieved together over the years. Each success has strengthened our determination to excel in everything we undertake. Currently, we are embarking on an exciting new phase of our journey. Our goal is clear: to become an undisputed leader in digital transformation."

This statement marks the beginning of a new era of communication for CC4 Solutions, which will continue to excel, innovate, and redefine industry standards. Follow closely this captivating evolution, as CC4 Solutions continues its ascent toward undisputed leadership in digital transformation.

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