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Throughout her life, Carla Casseus has faced numerous challenges, each shaping her journey and fueling her determination. However, among these challenges, there is one that has had a particularly significant impact: the one that led her to create an innovative application...


At CC4 Solutions, our mission is to support visionary entrepreneurs in building strong and well-structured businesses. As part of our commitment to the community, we have decided to establish a program aimed at supporting and empowering local women entrepreneurs...


Emerging player in the digital transformation field, CC4 Solutions speaks out for the first time with an unprecedented statement proudly unveiling its journey marked by sustained growth, positive impact, and successful collaborations.


Jean Marc Esterlin, a graduate in political science, was seeking to diversify his skills and explore new career paths. With a keen sense of conceptualization and a willingness to learn and progress, he was open to any opportunity that would allow him to add an additional string to his bow.

Recognizing Jean Marc's potential and capabilities, the president of our company offered him an exceptional opportunity...


Emmanuel Gnigninvi, after obtaining his degree in Management Information Systems, was driven by a fervent passion for strategic analysis and optimizing organizational processes. Determined to put his skills to work for a dynamic company, he embarked on an active search for professional opportunities that would align with his aspirations...

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