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CC4 Solutions unveils
its exceptional journey!


January 10, 2024

As part of our community development plan, we have established two exceptional awards valued at $10,000 each, offered to deserving female entrepreneurs within our community. This sum represents a comprehensive set of essential services to strengthen and develop their businesses, including a full audit, acquisition and configuration of tailor-made software solutions, as well as personalized follow-up to ensure smooth and effective integration of these solutions.

To ensure fairness and transparency in the selection process, we have implemented a rigorous application and evaluation process. We invite all female entrepreneurs in our community to apply by sharing their stories, challenges, and aspirations as entrepreneurs. Our jury, composed of seasoned industry experts, carefully reviews each application, assessing the uniqueness of the project, its potential impact, and its ability to foster economic and social development within the community.

After an initial evaluation phase, finalists are invited to present their projects to the jury at a special event. It is during this inspiring and dynamic evening that the jury deliberates and selects the award recipient. This announcement is made live, allowing the entire community to share the joy and recognition towards the chosen entrepreneur.

Through offering this award, we aspire to celebrate entrepreneurial excellence within our community and encourage other women to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations with confidence and determination. It is through such initiatives that we actively contribute to strengthening the economic and social fabric of our region.

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